Shillong TeeR Result 07 May 2022 – Today First Round, Second Round

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Shillong Teer Result Today: Shillong Teer game was created by Khasi Hills Sports Association. Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association releases Shillong Teer first round and second round result every day at 4:00 pm and second round result every day at 4:50 pm.

In this article, we will provide you complete information related to Shillong Teer Result every day. Shillong Teer is a very different one which is related to Archery Sports and it is very easy to play it. We will also tell you in this article how you can play this game and how you can earn money from this lottery game. So read this article completely till the bottom.

Shillong Teer Result Today Overview :

Lottery NameShillong Teer Result
CategoryLottery Game
Lottery Ticket  prize₹300/- to ₹500
Prize Money₹8,000 to ₹11,000
Shillong TEER Result ModeOnline
Today’s Date04 May 2022
Authorized byState Govt
Shillong Teer Result Today

How to check Shillong Teer Lottery Result 2022 Online?

  • You can check Shillong Teer Result online quite easily To check it you have to first go to the official website of Meghalaya Teer which is – SSATripura.Com
  • Now you have to scroll down and check your name in the list.
  • Here you have to check the lucky number for first round and second round.

How Shillong TEER Game is played?

To play the Shillong Teer game, many archers come to the event and gather at around 3:30 before the event. To play this game, archers are given ₹ 300 per day. In Meghalaya itself, about 10000 archers play this game on different arrow counters. People buy arrow tickets which is ₹ 300 for one arrow ticket and the winner is given a reward of ₹ 8000. However, there is also a disadvantage of playing this game because due to the money coming, this game becomes a bad habit very soon and people like to play it more. There are more than 500 Teer counters in Meghalaya itself.

Shillong Teer Result Today 7th May :

5th May 2022NILLNILL
4th May 20229617
3rd May 20224784
2nd May 20226832
30th April 20226778
29th April 20223109
28th April 20227457
27th April 20224265
26th April 20223143
25th April 20229167
23rd April 20229673
22nd April 20227304
21st April 20225572
20th April 20220874
19th April 20224213
18th April 20226161
16th April 20225703
15th April 2022NILLNILL
14th April 20225476
13th April 20225075
12th April 20229171
11th April 2022NILLNILL
9th April 20224141
8th April 20222585
7th April 20228100
6th April 20227463
5th April 20224223
4th April 20223297
2nd April 20221649
1st April 20229276
31st March 20222503
30th March 20221149
29th March 20220269
28th March 20229154
26th March 20224592
25th March 20229639
24th March 20224943
23rd March 20224117
22nd March 20228310
21st March 20223981
19th March 20223490
18th March 20228514
17th March 20229375
16th March 20222140
15th March 20229014
14th March 20228092
12th March 20221614
11th March 20228760
10th March 20226232
9th March 20221912
8th March 20224631
7th March 20225094
5th March 202221NILL
4th March 20220135
3rd March 20222347
2nd March 20220197
1st March 20223896
28th February 20220614
26th February 20222465
25th February 20221832
24th February 20225139
23rd February 20224552
22nd February 20225536
21st February 20227006
19th February 20224871
18th February 20227331
17th February 20221846
16th February 20224917
15th February 20222732
14th February 20224868
12th February 20225475
11th February 20229831
10th February 20228352
9th February 20229855
8th February 20225343
7th February 20223157
5th February 20220152
4th February 20221326
3rd February 2022NILLNILL
3rd February 2022NILLNILL
3rd February 2022NILLNILL
3rd February 2022NILLNILL
3rd February 2022NILLNILL
3rd February 2022NILLNILL
3rd February 2022NILLNILL
3rd February 2022NILLNILL
3rd February 2022NILLNILL
3rd February 2022NILLNILL
3rd February 2022NILLNILL
3rd February 2022NILLNILL
3rd February 20220350
2nd February 20221576
1st February 20225895
31st January 20225979
29th January 20223136
28th January 20226783
27th January 20228695
26th January 2022NILLNILL
25th January 20225803
24th January 20221180
23rd January 2022NILLNILL
22nd January 20229380
21st January 2022NILLNILL
20th January 20224472
19th January 20220882
18th January 20223972
17th January 20229924
16th January 2022NILLNILL
15th January 20224418
14th January 20221115
13th January 20222710
12th January 20224535
11th January 20221638
10th January 20229061
8th January 20221316
7th January 20223124
6th January 20229372
5th January 20223915
4th January 20225084
3rd January 20223832
2nd January 2022NILLNILL
1st January 2022NILLNILL
31st December 20212688
30th December 2021NILLNILL
29th December 20211192
28th December 20211607
27th December 20216829
25th December 2021NILLNILL
24th December 20218775
23rd December 20219620
22nd December 20213910
21st December 20216833
20th December 20218968
18th December 20218131
17th December 20211948
16th December 20218728
15th December 20212347
14th December 20218682
13th December 20215071
11th December 20214500
10th December 20214583
9th December 20214669
8th December 20219308
7th December 20212078
6th December 20210970
4th December 20211286
3rd December 20216700
2nd December 20215361
1st December 20217619
30th November 20211402
29th November 20214884
27th November 20212142
26th November 20217376
25th November 20218344
24th November 20216281
23rd November 2021NILLNILL
22nd November 20211972
21st November 2021NILLNILL
20th November 20216626
19th November 20212771
18th November 20215036
17th November 20218889
16th November 20219337
15th November 20213960
14th November 2021NILLNILL
13th November 20210033
12th November 2021NILLNILL
11th November 20216433
10th November 20210746
9th November 20212337
8th November 20214362
7th November 2021NILLNILL
6th November 20212256
5th November 20212269
4th November 20214318
3rd November 20214511
2nd November 20217111
1st November 20215429
31st October 2021NILLNILL
30th October 20216804
29th October 20217961
28th October 20217877
27th October 20216557
26th October 20217362
25th October 20215354
24th October 2021NILLNILL
23rd October 20216291
22nd October 20212821
21st October 20217792
20th October 20218054
19th October 20214067
18th October 20216549
17th October 2021NILLNILL
16th October 20214585
15th October 202140NILL
14th October 20219384
13th October 202180NILL
12th October 20215151
11th October 20210963
9th October 20211066
8th October 20214566
7th October 20210666
6th October 20211225
5th October 20211257
4th October 20214060
3rd October 2021NILLNILL
2nd October 2021NILLNILL
1st October 20218549
30th September 20215079
29th September 20219698
28th September 20219768
27th September 20214027
26th September 2021NILLNILL
25th September 20213922
24th September 20214876
23rd September 20210302
22nd September 20214633
21st September 20214267
20th September 20216653
19th September 2021NILLNILL
18th September 20214196
17th September 20213809
16th September 20217383
15th September 20215172
14th September 20210067
13th September 20211575
11th September 2021NILLNILL
10th September 20217412
9th September 20215715
8th September 20218019
7th September 20219310
6th September 20212503
5th September 2021NILLNILL
4th September 2021NILLNILL
3rd September 20213891
2nd September 20219959
1st September 20210161
31st August 20214988
30th August 20215646
28th August 2021NILLNILL
27th August 20217080
26th August 20216757
25th August 2021NILLNILL
24th August 20219812
23rd August 20210138
22nd August 2021NILLNILL
21st August 2021NILLNILL
20th August 20214425
19th August 2021NILLNILL
18th August 20216813
17th August 2021NILLNILL
16th August 2021NILLNILL
15th August 2021NILLNILL
14th August 2021NILLNILL
13th August 20210951
12th August 2021NILLNILL
11th August 20215824
10th August 2021NILLNILL
9th August 20219455
8th August 2021NILLNILL
7th August 2021NILLNILL
6th August 20218090
5th August 2021NILLNILL
4th August 20214469
3rd August 2021NILLNILL
2nd August 2021NILLNILL
1st August 2021NILLNILL
31st July 2021NILLNILL
30th July 2021NILLNILL
29th July 2021NILLNILL
28th July 2021NILLNILL
27th July 2021NILLNILL
26th July 2021NILLNILL
25th July 2021NILLNILL
24th July 2021NILLNILL
23rd July 2021NILLNILL
22nd July 2021NILLNILL
21st July 2021NILLNILL
20th July 2021NILLNILL
19th July 2021NILLNILL
18th July 2021NILLNILL
17th July 2021NILLNILL
16th July 2021NILLNILL
15th July 2021NILLNILL
14th July 2021NILLNILL
13th July 2021NILLNILL
12th July 2021NILLNILL
11th July 2021NILLNILL
10th July 2021NILLNILL
9th July 2021NILLNILL
8th July 2021NILLNILL
7th July 2021NILLNILL
6th July 2021NILLNILL
5th July 2021NILLNILL
4th July 2021NILLNILL
3rd July 2021NILLNILL
2nd July 2021NILLNILL
1st July 2021NILLNILL
30th June 2021NILLNILL
29th June 2021NILLNILL
28th June 2021NILLNILL
27th June 2021NILLNILL
26th June 2021NILLNILL
25th June 2021NILLNILL
24th June 2021NILLNILL
23rd June 2021NILLNILL
22nd June 2021NILLNILL
21st June 2021NILLNILL
20th June 2021NILLNILL
19th June 2021NILLNILL
18th June 2021NILLNILL
17th June 2021NILLNILL
16th June 2021NILLNILL
15th June 2021NILLNILL
14th June 2021NILLNILL
13th June 2021NILLNILL
12th June 2021NILLNILL
11th June 2021NILLNILL
10th June 2021NILLNILL
9th June 2021NILLNILL
8th June 2021NILLNILL
7th June 2021NILLNILL
6th June 2021NILLNILL
5th June 2021NILLNILL
4th June 2021NILLNILL
3rd June 2021NILLNILL
2nd June 2021NILLNILL
1st June 2021NILLNILL
31st May 2021NILLNILL
30th May 2021NILLNILL
29th May 2021NILLNILL
28th May 2021NILLNILL
27th May 2021NILLNILL
26th May 2021NILLNILL
25th May 2021NILLNILL
24th May 2021NILLNILL
23rd May 2021NILLNILL
22nd May 2021NILLNILL
21st May 2021NILLNILL
20th May 2021NILLNILL
19th May 2021NILLNILL
18th May 2021NILLNILL
17th May 2021NILLNILL
16th May 2021NILLNILL
15th May 2021NILLNILL
14th May 2021NILLNILL
13th May 2021NILLNILL
12th May 2021NILLNILL
11th May 2021NILLNILL
10th May 2021NILLNILL
9th May 2021NILLNILL
8th May 2021NILLNILL
7th May 2021NILLNILL
6th May 2021NILLNILL
5th May 2021NILLNILL
4th May 2021NILLNILL
3rd May 2021NILLNILL
2nd May 2021NILLNILL
1st May 2021NILLNILL
30th April 2021NILLNILL
Shillong Teer Result

How to participate in Shillong TEER Result?

People can Participate for this game quite easily Ticket prices can cost as low as Rs 10 and as much as Rs 100.The person who properly guesses the number will win the lottery. Each day, 50 archers shoot 30 arrows in the first round and just 20 arrows in the final round.

Kerala Lottery Result

Shillong Morning Teer Facts :

Game Date05.05.2022
Game NameShillong Morning Teer Results
Game MoneyUpto 5,000 Per Number
Game StatusPublished
Shillong Morning Yesterday ResultsShillong Morning Previous Results
Shillong Teer Result
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Shillong Teer Result Today FAQS :

How Can I Get Today’s Shillong Teer Result?

Today’s Shillong Teer Result may be seen at

Shillong Arrow Includes Which Arrow Games?

Khanpara Teer, Jowai Teer, and Ladrymbai Teer Result are also accessible.

What Is the Lucky, Dream, and Hit
Number for Shillong Teer Game?

Shillong Archery Based Lottery Number, Hit Number, and Dream Number are all mentioned in these pages, so please read them carefully.

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